"To all those suffering from pain, fatigue, restlessness, or mood issues who want to get back control of your life, ETHA Natural Botanicals is here for you with 100% all-natural and lab verified botanicals that you can trust." *
Victor Chung, Co-Founder
"Within a confusing natural medication market, ETHA adds transparency, advocacy, simplicity and convenience to raise the standards of how people make choices about self-medicating for their health." *
Alexander Karp, Co-Founder


The ETHA story begins with our mission. ETHA Natural Botanicals is a scientific-based manufacturer and distributor that adds transparency, testing results, regulatory standards, and proper labeling to make botanicals more accessible and convenient. ETHA explores new knowledge and scientific research as we advocate for natural medicine to receive the credibility it deserves.

The word ‘ETHA’ is most commonly used as a name of Old English or Hebrew derivation in the late 1800s.  Etha has been used to describe a person who is noble, a seeker of knowledge, and appreciates nature.  We felt this captured the essence of what we are and strive to be.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

etha natural botanicals kratom about us We place meticulous attention in all things including our ETHA logo mark. Our logo mark symbolizes the essence of our culture at ETHA. The logo’s stylized leaf represents our appreciation for nature. The outreached hand evokes care, hope, firsthand information, and the giving of knowledge. The surrounding circle symbolizes a fulfilled life, together with negative space, forms a story of balance and upward motion. On second look, the letter ‘e’ reveals itself adding a surprising level of depth to complete the story. By combining these elements together, you can better understand what ETHA truly represents.

 What We Do

ETHA sources and supplies the most effective botanicals directly from the forest. We manage our own ETHA Labs where we actively research all the remarkable medicinal capabilities found in botanicals, especially for pain relief.† We make natural botanicals available through convenient tablets that pack the greatest amount of botanicals in the smallest volume. We also ensure our botanicals are safe through proper quality procedures like ultra-high heat pasteurization in our AKA cGMP facility and extensive laboratory testing through our own ETHA Lab and 3rd-party, independent labs.  Our goal is to create botanical products that help you LIVE FULLY™.

etha natural botanicals kratom about us
etha natural botanicals kratom about us

Meet the Founders

Victor and Alexander, co-founders of ETHA, each suffer from chronic back pain as the result of incorrectly healed vertebrae, degenerating spinal discs, and sports related injuries. After decades of physical therapy, injections, chiropractic care, and faced with the gambles of surgery, Victor and Alexander both resorted to changing their lifestyles to limit physical activity. No more playing soccer, martial arts, golf or other sports. Workdays were cut short, and evenings ended early when the pain became unbearable.

etha natural botanicals kratom founders story alex victor

Then, in 2016, an all-natural botanical reached massive new audiences through a Joe Rogan podcast with Chris Bell.

After researching this botanical called mitragyna speciosa, more commonly referred to as kratom, Victor ordered a variety of product samples and started self-experimenting in order to find out if it really worked.

Amazed at some of the experimentation results, Victor shared the idea of using kratom with Alexander. This ultimately started a path to naturally overcoming their painful struggles as they incorporated kratom with exercise, yoga, and diet changes to manage their health in natural ways.

Frustrations with reliability, and concerns with safety prompted the duo to embark on the mission to become the most trusted source of botanical products.

Fortunately, Victor’s and Alexander’s education, career experience, and entrepreneurial success combine to create a honed set of skills perfectly primed to create a trusted, easy-to-use botanical supply that is validated and scientifically tested. (Yay!)

etha natural botanicals kratom capsules tablets powders pills

Issues with Kratom Vendors

During that phase when Victor and Alexander were searching for the best kratom products for themselves, they ran into major challenges from current kratom vendors.

  1. Inconsistent Results – Sometimes kratom would work while other times it did little to nothing.  This would happen even from the same company and same product.
  2. Negative Side Effects – Sometimes a kratom product would make Victor and Alexander feel loopy and light-headed.
  3. No Lab Test Results – Even when a vendor would state that their kratom was lab tested, they would struggle with providing applicable certificates of analysis from 3rd-party, independent labs.
  4. Only Powder or Capsules – Kratom powder can be bitter and hard to use.  Making capsules can be messy.  Pre-filled capsules were large in size and often times were not measured correctly or had kratom that was not effective.  Given Victor and Alexander’s regular kratom use, adding a lot of capsule material into their system was not ideal.

The ETHA Difference

The guys realized they could solve these issues by starting their own botanical company and laboratory to address the concerns with kratom and other medicinal botanicals.  That is when the idea to start ETHA Natural Medicine was born.  Now, ETHA is the most trusted brand for botanicals.  This trust comes from our strict company guidelines:

  1. Direct Sourcing – No middlemen or distributors are involved in our supply chain.  We work directly with harvesters who go into the forests and handpick and sort the kratom we need.
  2. Comprehensive Lab Testing – Every harvest is laboratory tested at our own ETHA Labs as well as at 3rd-party, independent labs to verify that it is free of adulterants and dangerous levels of heavy metals.  We also measure alkaloid content, the natural ingredients in kratom that give it its benefits.
  3. Safety and Quality Procedures – All ETHA botanicals go through ultra-high heat pasteurization to eliminate potentially harmful pathogens like salmonella and e.coli while retaining precious alkaloid content.  Our botanicals are also triple filtered for clean, smooth, and consistent powder. This is all done out of our own cGMP facility in the USA.
  4. Pressed Tablets – ETHA is the exclusive manufacturer of kratom pressed tablets made from 100% whole-leaf kratom.  No fillers or additives are used to make ETHA tablets.
etha natural botanicals kratom capsules tablets pills powders

Victor and Alexander are devoting their expertise and lives to the natural medicine world to make a positive impact.  They are proud to lead ETHA Natural Botanicals on the quest to become the most trusted source for safe and effective medicinal botanicals.  Join us in this journey so you can also LIVE FULLY!

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