AKA Kratom Leadership Summit 2020

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AKA Kratom Leadership Summit

The AKA successfully held its annual AKA Kratom Leadership Summit 2020 in Tampa, Florida this past November 11th thru the 13th.
This was an amazing opportunity to participate in discussions on the current status of initiatives in the kratom scientific and advocacy arenas. Due to the ongoing pandemic, you could attend in person or virtually.

This Summit is just one of the AKA’s tools in its continued battle to grant consumers access to kratom. One significant goal of the Summit is to empower the attendees with information they need to have informed discussions with policy makers at their city, state and federal levels in an attempt to promote and keep legal access by consumers to kratom. The Summit panel boasts attendance from some of the best scientists in the world and features not only presentations, but also panel discussions. These panel discussions are pivotal, as they permit the attendees and viewers to actively participate, ask questions, and delve deeper to understand the thinking behind the research and the derived results as they pertain to certain aspects of kratom.

Despite the impressive roster, this AKA Kratom Leadership Summit is a chance to promote camaraderie amongst kratom activists and vendors. Moreover, this is an opportunity to unite, empower and continue to grow the kratom community. ETHA’s very own co-founder, Alexander Karp, had the opportunity to attend. Read about some of his impressions and highlights below.

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What is AKA?

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a Virginia registered non-profit organization that works tirelessly for the growing number of kratom users to protect their ability to have access to and use kratom. The AKA has five, main goals: support consumers, educate, amplify, global awareness, and protect natural resources. One of the ways it ensures consumers have access to safe and effective kratom, is through their Good Manufacturing (GMP) Standards Program.  The AKA GMP Standards program is a way to verify if a vendor abides by a higher level of manufacturing committed to safety of their employees and customers.  As a kratom consumer, you should only purchase from vendors that meet this basic manufacturing standard.  ETHA is one of only a handful of vendors who have met this standard.

At ETHA, not only have we set the standard for manufacturing and lab testing, we are an active participant in the arena of kratom advocacy. ETHA diligently works hand-in-hand with the AKA and government representatives to spearhead and effectuate kratom industry progress. Together we constantly advocate for kratom. We work diligently to educate policymakers and help keep kratom available for millions of Americans who use kratom every day.

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AKA Summit Highlights

This event successfully unified vendors who want to self-regulate and successfully grow the kratom industry. Rather than aggressively competing against each other, by working together and growing the industry, we will effectively grow “the pie”. Therefore, each will reap a bigger “slice of that pie.” Couple of noteworthy highlight worth mentioning:

  • Growing kratom in Florida: scientists are growing kratom from scratch in Florida. The goal is to eventually hold human clinical trials for researching kratom’s therapeutic potential. However, in order to conduct any human trial you must establish a chain of custody. Since typically kratom comes from Indonesia, this chain of custody cannot be established. Therefore, successfully growing kratom plants here in the US is a huge step towards towards such future human trials.
  • 7-OH updates: 7-Hydroxymitragynine is one of the 40+ alkaloids found in the kratom plan and commonly referred to as 7-OH. 7-OH naturally occurs is very small amounts in the kratom plant. Unlike mitragynine however, this alkaloid does in fact have potential for abuse and addiction. However, note that the amount present NATURALLY (untampered, unadulterated) in the plant is so miniscule that it’s not of concern. It is only when synthetic manipulation occurs that it becomes noteworthy as addictive. That is why it is even more important to set regulations about proper labeling of kratom products. The most prevalent alkaloid, mitragynine, and the powerful alkaloid 7-OH need to be independently lab tested and label on each kratom product sold. This is part of the AKA GMP program.

ETHA Natural Botanicals was proud to be part of this year’s American Kratom Association Leadership Summit. We will continue to support the efforts to maintain consumer’s access to kratom and to participate in the sharing of research and development.

If you want to help, please donate to the non-profit American Kratom Association. Thank you.

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