ETHA Concentrated Kratom Tablets

etha concentrated kratom tablets extracts full spectrum

ETHA Concentrated Kratom Tablets

What are Concentrated Kratom Herbal Tea Tablets?

ETHA is excited to announce our newest product: ETHA Concentrated Kratom Herbal Tea Tablets. Some words and phrases that may be synonymous with this product include extracts, extract capsules and concentrated capsules. However, our unique concentrated kratom tablets are like our high quality ETHA extended-release kratom tablets that you know (and love), but instead made from a concentrated Full Spectrum alkaloid extract. This concentrated super product supports occasional discomfort, promotes natural energy levels, focus and response to stress.† Rather than only revving up energy, or only tackling one symptom or condition, our product provides well-balanced support.†

Our holistic, versatile concentrated kratom tablets help you tackle the day and promotes overall wellness.†    

Concentrated Tablets vs. Extended-Release Tablets

Extract products are not new to the market. However, whereas a lot of other manufacturers only focus on boosting the mitragynine percentage of their product, ETHA does things differently. As mentioned above, the aim is to provide a well-rounded approach to overall wellness. As such, we are not taking one alkaloid (mitragynine) and boosting it up, but combining a blend of ALL the alkaloids and concentrating them. Therefore, unlike most extract products in the market, that claim 5X, 10X, or even 40X of just mitragynine, our concentrated tea tablets offer a full blend of alkaloids. 

The ratio of each of Concentrated Kratom Tablet is 10 to 1 alkaloid total content. In other words, each unique alkaloid in the blend is 10 times the strength of regular tablets. Therefore, with a prior dose of 5-8 tablets, you may drop down to 1-2 concentrated kratom herbal tea tablets. 

ETHA Concentrated Kratom Tablets: Pure and Long Lasting

Above all else, you can expect the same ETHA quality you know and trust. We make these tablets from 100 percent pure, whole-leaf kratom…just a lot more of it. After we create the concentrated alkaloids in powder form, we press the powder into tablets. As always, there are no fillers, binders or additives of any kind. Likewise, because we use the whole leaf in the tablet formulation process, these tablets offer an extended-release of benefits. Whereas other supercharged products offer a huge initial effect that quickly fades. On the contrary, you may feel the benefits from our concentrated kratom tablets for hours. 

Give our new Concentrated Kratom Herbal Tea Tablets a try! Much less to consume, all natural, and hours of benefits!   

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