Credit Card Processing with QuadPay

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Credit Card Processing with QuadPay

What is QuadPay?

QuadPay is an ETHA-unique payment option that allows you to pay with all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) via four interest-free payments. This is a great alternative and backup to traditional credit card processing and E-Check. Simply select “QuadPay” when you are ready to check out.

Your first payment will be due at checkout and the remaining three payments will be automatically charged thereafter, every two weeks. However, ETHA will ship your order out immediately!

As such, you can take advantage of discounted, larger orders without having to pay for all of it upfront. ETHA’s QuadPay option allows you the convenience of shopping now and paying later!

Industry Struggles with Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing has long been a struggle for the kratom industry. Unfortunately, as of last week, the entire industry hit a massive roadblock as it lost the ability to process credit cards yet again. What is even sadder is this is definitely not the first time, nor will it most likely be the last time that we encounter this type of challenge.

For years now we have struggled to get legitimate, dependable and long-lasting credit card processing in place. Regrettably, on an almost annual basis we fall victim to shady business practices, fraud, theft and even undue institutional pressures. 

Despite being extremely cautious and diligent in our business practices even ETHA has faced these struggles. From shady questionable merchant practices to criminal activity like fraud and theft, to undue pressure from major financial and government institutions. Almost on a consistent annual basis we have had to switch processors every year. 

However, as with all things ETHA, it is also our pursuit for quality and constant strive to work harder and push further that puts us ahead of the game. Even in times of obvious industry-wide crisis.

quad pay kratom credit card processing etha

The ETHA Difference and QuadPay

Our tireless pursuit for superior quality is one of the crucial characteristics that sets ETHA apart. We continue to go beyond basic standards and minimum requirements to be the very best kratom manufacturer. However, we don’t just stop with manufacturing, but strive to apply these principles across all facets of our company.

  • Above GMP – Whereas most companies are satisfied with being GMP compliant, we go above and beyond GMP requirements and even set new ones.
  • Extensive Lab Testing – Whereas most companies may use one lab for their harvest testing, we use both in-house and outside lab testing on all our botanicals.
  • Merchant Processing – The same principles apply to credit card processing. Whereas most companies set up credit card processing then cross their fingers and hope it works, we do the extra work and make sure we have a back up just in case it fails.

And thus, when the industry is in crisis ETHA has a solution through QuadPay. We will continue to work hard to get traditional merchant services up and running for you. For now, we hope you appreciate QuadPay’s extra benefits of both credit card processing and installment payments. LIVE FULLY!

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