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ETHA Unique, Premium Kratom

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and has 40+ naturally-occurring bio-active alkaloids. Each harvest has natural variations in alkaloids due to various factors including growing season, harvest locations, and harvest criteria.  ETHA Labs analyzes the predominate alkaloids in each harvest and uses this data to create unique ETHA kratom products line. This is how we make the most consistent kratom products on the market.

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The ETHA Process

We source our kratom from several forests throughout Indonesia.  There, our harvesters handpick and sort kratom by examining the vein color of each leaf: White, Green, and Red Vein.  For our Yellow Vein, we start with White and Green Vein kratom and ferment these leaves.  For the next step, we lab test each harvest at our own ETHA Labs as well as through 3rd-party, independent labs for heavy metals, alkaloid profile, and possible adulteration, quality inspect with our GMP-trained team, and ultra-high heat pasteurize it.  We triple filter before we make these available as part of our ETHA Pure Vein kratom powders. ETHA presses the kratom in an exclusive process to make tablets with NO fillers, binders, or additives. To make our Premium kratom products, we examine the alkaloid profiles from all of our harvests and blend the appropriate harvests together for each ETHA Premium Kratom according to strict alkaloid profile requirements.

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Pain and Energy

The common trend by kratom companies is to use the mitragynine percentage as the measure of strength for their kratom products.  And in fact, this makes sense since traditionally, kratom was used to help with pain and energy by those doing strenuous labor in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Mitragynine is also researched as a possible vasodilator. Accordingly, opt for our Maeng Da and SunRise kratom, if you are looking to support the response to occasional pain and to promote natural energy levels† However, kratom does contain 40+ naturally occurring bio-active alkaloids, therefore, to highlight mitragynine alone, will not provide a complete picture and can lead you to use the wrong kratom.

Etha Natural Botanicals SunRise Kratom Blend for Energy small
Etha Natural Botanicals Best Maeng Da Kratom

Unwind and Relax

In our SunSet and NightFall premium kratom, we purposely use harvests with lower mitragynine and higher noteworthy alkaloids such as paynantheine and speciogynine. As such, SunSet and NightFall support the response to stress and muscle tension.†  Additionally, these kratom alkaloids may support response to inflammation, relieve muscle tightness from overuse, and promote relaxation.† The difference between SunSet and NightFall is the precise amount of mitragynine found in each. SunSet will contain slightly more mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine than NightFall but can contain less of the other noted alkaloids. Additionally, we have combined our NightFall premium kratom with the dietary supplement Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) to make our MidNight Dream Blend. The combination of NightFall kratom and GABA promotes deep, slow-wave sleep.†

etha kratom sunset night sleep relax
etha kratom nightfall sleep rest tablets
etha midnight dream kratom gaba tablets
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The ETHA Difference

At ETHA, we are NOT just a vendor. We focus on R&D through our own ETHA Labs. We do our own manufacturing and do NOT use contract manufacturers. This means we are as close to the process of making your kratom products as possible. There are no shortcuts with ETHA. Only the best done by the best for you.

Only ETHA diligently measures several kratom alkaloids and blends different harvests to ensure each product is lab-verified and distinct. Moreover, we publish these results for everyone to see. Although we have close relationships with our harvesters, we we still meticulously measure the alkaloids. This ensures consistency with our ETHA Premium Kratom.

As a result, our ETHA Premium Kratom is always top-quality, and consistent:

  • Direct Harvest – ETHA establishes direct relationships with harvesters who wildcraft the leaves we use to make our premium kratom products.  Native growers handpick each leaf, sort, and ship directly to our facilities.
  • Lab Measured Alkaloids – Upon arrival at our USA facilities, we test each pure vein harvest. At our ETHA Labs and 3rd-Party independent labs.  As part of the testing, we measure the natural variation in bio-active alkaloids within the leaves.  We use these alkaloid profiles to make each of our different Premium Kratom Product Lines.
  • Ultra-Pasteurization – ETHA utilizes precise ultra-high heat pasteurization to treat our botanicals.  This helps to eliminate potentially harmful biologics like salmonella and e.coli. while retaining precious alkaloids.
  • Unique Blend Recipes – ETHA combines alkaloid measurements with our exclusive blend recipes to make each distinct ETHA Premium Kratom Product Line.

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