ETHA Loyalty Program

ETHA Loyalty Program

ETHA Loyalty Program

What is the ETHA Loyalty Program?

The ETHA Loyalty Program is our way to thank you, our loyal customers, for your business and continued support. There’s no need to enroll. Simply start earning points for making a purchase, performing a specific action item, or for a referral.  Your points continue to accumulate until you are ready to use them. Thereafter, you can turn those loyalty program points into discounts on ETHA products. The more points you earn, the more you will save! 

Here at ETHA our mission is to make natural medicine credible through trustworthy manufacturing and scientific research. It is precisely your continued support and loyalty that makes this possible. As such, we extend our deepest gratitude with deep discounts and savings for you!

Here is How it Works


To get the details on the ETHA Loyalty Program and to sign in, click on the icon at the bottom left called “LOYALTY REWARDS”. It should also display your current points total.

ETHA Loyalty Program rewards

The Program rewards are simple to earn. You earn 10 points for ever $1 you spend. Likewise, you can also earn points through specific action items. These include: 

  • Leave A Facebook Review – 500 points 
  • Subscribe to our Mailing List – 500 points 
  • Share your Story on ETHA’s Facebook – 500 points 
  • Share ETHA’s Facebook – 300 points 
  • Share ETHA on Twitter – 300 points 
  • Visit ETHA on YouTube – 200 points 
  • Visit ETHA on Facebook – 200 points 
  • Visit ETHA on Instagram – 200 points 
  • Watch ETHA Story Video – 100 points

Lastly, you can also earn points through referrals. When you refer someone to the ETHA site using your unique code and they purchase, you earn points. 

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What do the Points Mean?

The more points you accumulate, the more you can save. There are four levels of savings. They are as follows: 

  • Copper Rewards – 500 points – $15 Dollars OFF entire order
  • Bronze Rewards – 1500 points – 30% OFF entire order
  • Silver Rewards – 2500 points – 40% OFF entire order
  • Golds Rewards – 3500 points – 50% OFF entire order. 

Simply place your order online per usual, claim the respective rewards and SAVE!

You love savings and we would not exist without your continued orders, comments and social shout outs and of course referrals.

Please accept our token of thanks, sign up and start earning!

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