Kratom Veins and Colors Explained

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Kratom and Alkaloids

The meaning of kratom veins and colors is a common inquiry that we will delve into below. Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and has 40+ naturally occurring bio-active alkaloids. Each harvest has natural variations in alkaloids due to various factors including growing season, harvest locations, and harvest criteria.  ETHA Labs analyze the predominate alkaloids in each harvest and use this data to create unique ETHA kratom products. This is how we manufacture the most consistent kratom products on the market.

Kratom Veins and Colors

The kratom “colors” are based on the vein color of the leaves. Harvesters sort the leaves by the vein colors. A light yellow is called “white”, a darker yellow to green is called “green”, and anything brown to purple to red is called “red”.  The yellow or gold kratom is what we call a white or green vein kratom that has gone through a water-based fermentation process.  (Bentuangie is a common name for red vein kratom that has gone through a similar fermentation process.)

The reason companies call their kratom all kinds of different names is purely marketing. The harvesters and farmers in Indonesia call their kratom all different names to lure USA importers to buy. The importers think they are getting different kratom strains but they are not. Harvesters use catchy names like “Horned Kratom”, “Bali Red”, “Super Green Malay”, and “Maeng Da”. Farmers are putting those names on the kratom they pick that they think will sell the most.  We have even seen harvesters/farmers take the same kratom and apply different names to it based on what their vendors are requesting. Therefore, there is no truth or consistency to these names.  

For example, Malaysia is one of the first countries that people think of when they think about kratom exporting countries. After all, how many different types of kratom are there that are known as “Malay strains”? From Green Malay to other popular strains, there seems to be quite a lot of kratom coming from Malaysia. However, the vendors that are carrying Malaysian kratom are importing from a totally different country, Indonesia. Perhaps Indonesians are taking strains from Malaysia and planting them in farms in Indonesia? That is not happening either. In Indonesia, kratom is harvested out in the wild or grown in plantations where local trees have either naturally grown on the land or transplanted from local forests. So, when you see a country listed on your kratom, be suspicious of its actual origin.

Selecting kratom based on the name is not a reliable way to get consistent kratom. Instead, make sure your vendor is harvesting from multiple locations and using laboratory test to measure different alkaloids. They need to use the alkaloid data to blend their kratom harvests. That is how you truly get consistent kratom with different benefits. 

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The ETHA Difference

ETHA does things that no other company does to ensure quality and safety. We harvest from several different forests and lab measure alkaloids and use the data to determine which harvest goes into which blend. That way our SunRise and all other premium kratom are always consistently the same.

We do carry white, green, yellow, and red pure veins. Our harvesters sort by vein color and we turn them directly into products without any blending. We do the full lab tests for alkaloid content, heavy metals, adulterants, etc. but we do not blend any of the harvests for our pure veins. This means there will be natural variation from harvest to harvest with our pure veins, but that is why they are cheaper.

Our premium kratom goes through extra step of mixing, combining the alkaloid lab test results and our unique proprietary ETHA formulas.

etha premium kratom blends

We source our kratom from several forests throughout Indonesia. We lab test every single harvest that enters our ETHA USA facility in our own ETHA Labs, as well as through 3rd-party, independent labs for heavy metals, alkaloid profile, and possible adulteration. Subsequently, we quality inspect every harvest with our GMP-trained team, and ultra-high heat pasteurize it. Lastly, we triple filter before we make these available as part of our ETHA Pure Vein kratom product line. ETHA presses the kratom in an exclusive process to make tablets with NO fillers, binders, or additives. To make our Premium kratom products, we examine the alkaloid profiles from all of our harvests and blend the appropriate harvests together for each ETHA Premium kratom according to strict alkaloid profile requirements.

No overly fancy names, just superior quality kratom…that’s the ETHA Difference.

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