Naturopathic Practices

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Naturopathic Practices

What are Naturopathic Practices? 

Naturopathic practices are a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself. It embraces many therapies, including superfoods (like greens and kratom herbal tea), herbs, massageacupunctureexercise, and nutritional counseling. This is a distinct health care structure that combines modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. The main differences between naturopathic and conventional medicine are the philosophical approaches and therapies used.

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) treat patients as unique individuals and address the physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and emotional aspects of health. This approach allows NDs to find and treat the cause of an ailment by using a variety of therapies, contrary to conventional doctors, who generally address and treat the symptoms of disease and use pharmaceutical therapies or surgery. NDs will use many different treatment approaches including: dietary and lifestyle changes, stress reduction, herbs, supplements and superfoods, exercise and manipulative therapies, homeopathy, detoxification, and counseling. 

Naturopathic Practices etha kratom superfood tea

Origins of Naturopathic Practices 

In 1902, Dr. Benedict Lust introduced naturopathic medicine to North America. By 1920, naturopathic practices were well established in Canada. The first laws regulating naturopathic practices were enacted in Ontario by 1925. 

After the Second World War, health care moved away from natural approaches to healing. On the contrary, healthcare focused on surgical techniques advances, the introduction of antibiotics and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. In the last twenty years, naturopathic practices saw a resurge. The resurgent interest in the natural methods of preventive health care is a result of the desire for greater control in the healthcare process. Also coupled with the growing dissatisfaction with high-tech solutions to health problems. This trend has increased demand for naturopathic practices as people seek ways to improve their health, cope with day-to-day stresses and avoid illness. 

Naturopathic medical education began in Canada in 1978 with the founding of the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine (OCNM) in Toronto. In 2000, the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine opened in British Columbia to provide further educational opportunities for students seeking training as naturopathic doctors. 

Comprehensive Approach to Overall Wellness 

Today, more people are seeking and benefiting from naturopathic care. As such, the number of NDs is growing at record rates to accommodate this increased demand. It is important to note, that you don’t have to be sick to try naturopathy, on the contrary, you may just want to boost your overall health and wellness, or prevent an illness. As mentioned above, NDs employ a comprehensive approach to healing and wellness. This includes any varieties of treatments from massages and acupuncture to detox, and regenerative approaches. As well as, the introduction of certain superfoods and teas into your nutritional regimen. 

ETHA is proud to partner with several naturopathic practices. These naturopathic doctors see the value of incorporating ETHA herbal tea to their comprehensive health tools. Because ETHA is able to harvest and blend kratom plants with different alkaloid profiles, naturopathic doctors can use kratom to address several conditions. From pain to fatigue to anxiety, naturopathic practices can be more effective with ETHA kratom.

Some of the naturopathic practices carrying ETHA include:

 Maui Regenerative Medicine, HI –Dr. Kevin Davison, ND.

Natural Solutions for Health, CT – Dr. Melissa Robinson, ND

Journey To Wellness, CA – Elizabeth Cornelius, ND

Neuropathy Treatment Centers, PA – Dr. Shawn Richey

New York City Naturopathic, NY – Dr. Saul Marcus, ND

naturopathic practices doctors etha kratom

ETHA is excited to introduce our newest reseller partnership with Maui Regenerative Medicine headed by Dr. Kevin Davison, ND. Dr. Kevin Davison’s passion is to help people recover from soft tissue injuries that impede them from getting back to an active lifestyle. And thus, surpassing their true potential. He believes that all of us can be active into our later years if we follow some of the regenerative methods found in both traditional medical systems, Integrated Qi Gong movement therapies and modern regenerative medical techniques. By using the best and newest regenerative approaches for healing an aging body, thousands are doing what they love without needing drugs or surgery. 

Dr. Kevin and his team treat their patients as unique individuals. And they address the all around physical, environmental, lifestyle, attitudinal, and emotional aspects of health. There is no single cookie-cutter solution to each individual’s situation. Rather, it is about finding a combination of therapies that are unique to, and suitable for each specific individual. 

If you find yourself in beautiful Maui, make an appointment to visit Maui Regenerative Medicine and check them out!

If you are not close to a naturopathic doctor carrying ETHA, you can buy direct from us. If you have a naturopathic practice that you trust and want them to carry ETHA, have them reach out to us at or apply to us directly below:

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