Original Brand Manufacturing™

Original Brand Manufacturing™

Original Brand Manufacturing™


When it comes to offering new products, the easiest way to provide more options is by having ETHA manufacture you new products. Most commonly called Private Label or White Label, ETHA’s program is called Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM). OBM allows you to put your branding and logo on an established ETHA product and present it as your own. If you prefer, we can also manufacture other botanical products that are not already offered by ETHA. As a result, your company benefits, as you add to your current inventory without spending time, resources, manpower and money developing such products yourself. As well, offering an ETHA OBM product benefits your customers since they do not need to search elsewhere for additional products. Your customers receive all the benefits of ETHA superior quality from a vendor they trust…YOU.  

  • ETHA Resources – Access to ETHA’s R&D, Design, and Manufacturing team
  • Any Botanicals You Want – ETHA can provide any strain from whatever region you prefer.  We can pasteurize, filter, and press your botanical of choice into tablets.  
  • Your Custom Blend – ETHA can also provide customized blends of your choice.  Blends are a good way to provide consistency for your customers.  Botanical alkaloids can vary, so blending from different regions and different harvest can better assure your customers are always getting effective botanicals. It is a great way to add different botanicals together for even more benefits. 
  • Packaging Design – If you want to elevate your brand, a good way is through compelling packaging.  The ETHA design team can work with you to create packaging that best represents your brand and makes you stand out among the rest.  
  • Personal Touch – ETHA will assign you your own personal account manager for the most attentive care.  
etha kratom obm private white label
ETHA OBM Examples – DEFY IT Health and Healing Pet Botanicals


The ETHA brand represents the very best in safe and effective botanicals.  We create retail-ready packaging that will help you stand out among botanical retailers.  Each bag can be individually labeled with harvest and bag numbers so your customers can look up the test results for their individual product.  ETHA’s unparalleled level of transparency and quality you will not find with any other natural botanical manufacturer.  

Add a new revenue stream, save money, and personalize your product, with ETHA unparalleled quality.  

etha kratom tea experiment

Kratom Tea Experiment

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Travel with Kratom

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