How it all started


ETHA Natural Botanical’s Co-Founder, Victor Chung, talks about the early days of starting the company and learning about kratom. He goes over how he and fellow ETHA Co-Founder, Alexander Karp, tried kratom for the first time and fell in love with kratom almost instantly. The pain relief they experienced changed their lives. Alexander and Victor started ETHA to improve the kratom industry and make kratom products more reliable and trusted. They were one of the first to lab test kratom, implement GMP standards, and share lab results with customers. They were the first to invent kratom products like pressed tablets with no fillers or additives. One of ETHA’s first employees, Amanda Ortiz,
goes over how kratom is a great addition to a holistic health routine. She talks about how different ETHA kratom products have helped her with mental clarity and mood. Victor talks about how he used to use kratom to manage his chronic
but now uses kratom as a coffee replacement in the morning for a healthier and sustained energy boost. Victor gives an update from the kratom greenhouse. He talks about how different kratom varieties have been growing and the challenges that some unique varieties have presented. Support the podcast by shopping at Victor’s favorite kratom products: – ETHA SunRise Kratom Tablets – ETHA Hazelnut Extract Smoothie Shot

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