ETHA® Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Tablets

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Enjoy ETHA’s Concentrated Full Spectrum Alkaloid Extract Tablets. This concentrated super product supports occasional discomfort, promotes natural energy levels, focus and response to stress.†

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Our unique concentrated kratom tablets are like our high quality ETHA extended-release kratom tablets that you know (and love), but instead made from a Concentrated Full Spectrum Alkaloid Extract. This concentrated super product supports occasional discomfort, promotes natural energy levels, focus and response to stress.† Rather than only revving up energy, or only tackling one symptom or condition, our product provides well-balanced support.†


The ratio of each of our Concentrated Kratom Tablets is 10 to 1 alkaloid total content. In other words, each unique alkaloid in the blend is 10 times the concentrated strength of regular ETHA extended-release kratom tablets. Therefore, if your prior dose was 5-8 extended-release kratom tablets, with these extract tablets, you may drop down to 1-2 concentrated kratom herbal tea tablets.


Each package contains 2 tablets. Each tablet is 300 mg of mitragyna speciosa extract. No other ingredients.

Serving = 1 tablet. Do not take more than 4 servings per 24 hours.


etha extract tablets supplement facts

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 6 cm

2 Extract Tablets

3 reviews for ETHA® Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Tablets

  1. Jacob

    I thought ETHA’s kratom tablets were really good, but these concentrated tablets work even better. I like to take one of these stronger tablets and use it with 4 Sunrise or Midday Gold tablets. The combination gives me the best workout in the morning that’s free of pain. Trust me, you want to try combining them. I also don’t get the loopy feeling from some of the other kratom extract stuff out there. Not too surprising as I’ve always felt great using Etha kratom. My knees don’t hurt and my lifts are getting heavier. 5 stars!!!

  2. Gina QueenBee

    While I love concentrate/extract kratom stuff, I am so over the shots you find in gas stations and smoke shops. Taste is horrible and makes me feel light-headed. When my friend told me about etha’s pure kratom extract tablets, I was eager to try. They are the best kratom product! Seriously, they work better than everything else. I take one of these with my regular Maeng Da tablets and I’m good for the whole day.

  3. Eric

    I enjoy the traditional ETHA tablets, but I found these lacking in potency. They had little to no effect on me. Customer service would not let me return my other unopened boxes of these, which was a big bummer. Very silly return policy.

    • Victor Chung

      Hi Eric. Thank you for the feedback. We’ll reach out to our customer service team to see why they did not allow your return. They will reach out to you by email.

    • Victor Chung

      In terms of potency, our concentrated kratom tablets are very high in total alkaloids. What benefits were you seeking with the concentrated tablets? A good approach that I personally use is to add a single concentrated kratom tablet with our traditional kratom tablets to act as an amazing boost. So if I want relief from an extra bad day of back and hip pain, I’ll use our ETHA SunRise kratom tablets and add in one concentrated kratom tablets for a tremendous boost. If I need a lot of focus to get an important project done, I’ll use our ETHA MidDay Gold with one concentrated kratom tablet. I recommend trying that out to see how you feel.

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