Pet Kratom - Pain and Vitality

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Kratom for Pets

Healing Pet Botanicals is ETHA's line of all-natural products made specifically for pets. All the quality and effectiveness of ETHA kratom blended into unique pet specific formulas. LEARN MORE  

Pain +Vitality

Does your pet live in pain? Do you have an older pet that needs some help getting going? Healing Pet Botanicals' Pain & Vitality Tablets and Food Topper Powders support the response to occasional pain, promote vitality, restore natural energy levels, and support a healthy response to inflammation.†  

Our pets love us. Love them back with ETHA's Healing Pet Botanicals. Don't let them struggle and suffer one day longer.  

pet kratom pain vitality   

Two enticing flavors now available: Liver or White Cheddar 

-Size: 30 Grams or 100 tablets

-Active Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom)

-Serving Size: 1 Tablet or 300 mg
-Amount Per Serving: 240 mg Whole-Green Leaf Mitragyna Speciosa and 60 mg All-Natural Flavoring
-Other Ingredients: All-Natural Flavoring -Liver = freeze dried duck, chicken, lamb, and beef liver -White Cheddar = white cheddar cheese, potato starch, dehydrated sweet potato
-Recommended Usage:
-Pets < 25 lbs = 1-2 tablets or 300-600 mg
-Pets 25-50 lbs = 1-4 tablets or 300-1,200 mg
-Pets 50-75 lbs = 2-6 tablets or 600-1,800 mg
-Pets 75+ lbs = 4-8 tablets or 1.2-2.4 g  

For animal use only. Consult your veterinarian.  

pet kratom


Extended-Release Tablets

zero additives

100% Whole-Leaf Botanicals

validated purity

Lab Tested & Verified

heat treated

Pasteurized for Safety

filtered for quality

Filtered for Purity


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