Best Kratom Tablets: Kratom Pressed Tablets

What are ETHA Kratom Tablets?

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Co-founder, Alexander Karp and Victor Chung, talk ETHA kratom tablets and their benefits and why kratom tablets are the best form of kratom to take.

ETHA Kratom Pressed Tablets are ETHA’s proprietary best-selling product with no fillers, binders or additives. ETHA’s kratom tablets are an alternative to messy kratom powder and hard to consume kratom capsules. These kratom tablets are small, easy-to-consume, portable, and 100% pure kratom. These kratom tablets are the gold standard of kratom manufacturing due to ETHA’s high-quality products and labeling transparency.

An ETHA kratom tablet is approximately 300 milligrams of 100% pure kratom and is about 1/3 the size of an equivalent kratom capsule with the same amount of kratom. No barriers, no fillers, and no additives. 

Simple, Pure & Convenient Kratom

For all the conveniences of kratom capsules with the purity of kratom powders, your best option is ETHA’s exclusive kratom pressed tablets.  ETHA’s kratom tablets consist of 100% pure kratom without fillers, additives, or bonding agents.  Over five tons of pressure is applied to our triple-filtered kratom powders in order to create our unique ETHA herbal tea tablets.  Our kratom tablets are tough enough to survive transportation and handling, but dissolve quickly.  Like kratom capsules, kratom tablets are easy to measure and transport.  The difference is the total volume of kratom tablets is much less than that of kratom capsules. Likewise, like powder, they are pure and potent, but without the mess. 

ETHA kratom tablets is simple, pure, and most convenient form of kratom.

Extended Release Only With Kratom Tablets

While kratom has amazing benefits, there is a limit to how long they last per dose. For example, the half-life of one of kratom’s most prevalent alkaloids, mitragynine, is 3-4 hours. So, if you take kratom in capsule form, once the barrier breaks, all the powder floods the system and begins the half-life clock. 

To extend kratom’s benefits, use ETHA’s kratom tablets. Each tablet is so tightly pressed together that it releases over time in your system. This allow the kratom to go beyond the 3-4 hour half-life. So, when you use ETHA’s kratom tablets, you get an extended release that gives you longer benefits for the same amount of kratom. 

Full Spectrum Kratom Extract Tablets

ETHA’s dedication to superior quality and constant improvement are just a couple of the features that our customers love about us. As such, it is precisely this pursuit for improvement that inspired us to take our pressed tablets up a notch and create our full spectrum extract kratom tablets. These tablets are similar to our extended-release kratom tablets. But alternatively, made from a concentrated Full Spectrum alkaloid EXTRACT. This concentrated super product supports occasional discomfort and promotes natural energy levels. This is the best kratom for energy, best kratom for sleep, focus and response to stress. Rather than only increase the mitragynine levels, amp up energy, or only tackle one symptom or condition, our product provides overall well-balanced support.†


Above all else, as with all ETHA products, the quality you trust and love remains true. All our products are always lab-tested with Certificates of Analysis that you can easily look up on our site. 

All our herbal tea tablets are portable, TSA approved and easy-to-take. And of course, we never add any superficial ingredients, binders, fillers, or additives. Like all our products, our kratom tablets are simple, pure, and top quality.

Try ETHA kratom tablets and discover the difference.