ETHA's Extended-Release Tablets

ETHA Kratom Pressed Tablets are ETHA’s proprietary best-selling product. They are an alternative to messy kratom powder and large, hard to consume kratom capsules. Our kratom tablets are small, easy-to-consume, portable, and 100% pure kratom. If you are searching for a smaller, better, more potent alternative try ETHA Pressed Kratom Tablets. 

Benefits of Kratom Tablets:

  • Ultra-compact, approximately 1/3 the size of a comparable capsule 
  • Extended-release means less kratom needed throughout the day 
  • 100% kratom plant, no fillers or additives 
  • Easy to use, tablets go down fast making them easier to swallow than capsules
  • Bitter no more, pressed tablets means avoiding the bitter taste of kratom