ETHA® SunRise™

Relief & Energy

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ETHA SunRise premium kratom tea supports the response to occasional pain and promotes vitality.†

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Kratom Herbal Tea

ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Occasional Pain
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Energy Support
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Stress Response
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Inflammation Response
ETHA® NightFall™ Calm & Rest
Tension Release


ETHA Premium Kratom Herbal Tea Explained – LEARN MORE


Learn how ETHA SunRise Premium Kratom can restore your natural energy levels and alleviate occasional pain† – LEARN MORE


ETHA SunRise premium kratom herbal tea supports the response to occasional pain and inflammation. Promotes natural energy levels. †

Current Lot Number: 120224AA


-Ingredients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa (kratom)

-Serving Size: 1500 mg (5 Tablets)

-Amount Per Serving: 1500 mg whole-leaf mitragyna speciosa (kratom)

-Other Ingredients: None

-Recommended Usage: Start with percentage of mitragynine (%) labeled on your package as a reference point. Average starting point is 4-5 tablets or 1.2-1.5 grams (1/3 teaspoon). Sensitive people start with lower amounts. Add 2 tablets or 600 milligrams every 15-30 minutes until the desired effect is felt. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve with kratom, your amount could be anywhere from the initial 4-5 tablets to 16 tablets (1.2 – 5 grams). Typically, effects can last 4-10 hours. Not recommended to exceed 20 grams a day. For more guidance – LEARN MORE


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8 grams or 27 tablets, 30 grams or 100 tablets, 75 grams or 250 tablets, 500 grams or 1,667 tablets, 1000 grams or 3,334 tablets

44 reviews for ETHA® SunRise™

Relief & Energy

  1. ethalivefully

    The testimonials below reflect the real life experiences of individuals who used our products and/or services. However, individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other consumer might experience. Testimonials are not necessarily representative of what anyone else using our products and/or services may experience. Testimonials on this website are not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that the products or services mentioned can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. To the contrary, our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. No testimonial has been clinically proven or evaluated, and no medical claims whatsoever were made and no statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition. If you are under medical supervision, are using anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, diabetes medications, narcotics, blood pressure medication, sedatives, tranquilizers or asthma medication, seek the advice of your healthcare professional prior to use. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating or under the age of 18 years or 21 years depending on local laws. Do not take when operating machinery or driving. Keep out of reach of children.

  2. Jackie Nguyen

    I’m 57 years old and very active…maybe too active ? I love my zumba and cardio kickboxing!!! My knees get so hurt though. My son tells me to slowdown. I’ve had to really cut down on classes. Not anymore though!

    Thanks Etha for your Sunrise kratom!!! My pain is so much better. Back to classes again. Also, I can’t stand the taste of coffee. This kratom gives me energy so I don’t need to drink coffee anymore. Love it Love it Love it!

  3. Henry Akerman

    Etha kratom tablets got me through my sub WDS. Amazing stuff.

  4. johnny5

    Kratom has been helping me since 2015. Etha kratom was a recent discovery. Wish it had been around since day uno. What impresses me the most is all the lab data they give you. On each of my bags, they put how much alkaloids are in the kratom. When you go to their site, they show you the test results in detail. Other kratom companies need to take note.

  5. Jean Issac

    I’ve never felt better about the pain I’ve been living with for so long. The etha sunrise tablets take my pain away with no side effects unless you count happiness and energy!!

  6. Vanessa Clarkson

    Just wanted to say thank you to Etha for giving me back my life. Love your botanical tablets!

  7. K McAlister

    Etha kratom is great! Kratom is an amazing plant, related to coffee. It does not deserve any negative press, but gets too much of it. CALL YOUR STATE REP AND PROMOTE KRATOM OR IT WILL BE BANNED!!!

  8. Nero Bartole

    Etha helped me to get off of my horrible addiction to fentanyl. I feel like a new person. Etha’s kratom is very effective.

  9. Gina

    kratom has really helped, my grandma was sick and now she’s not because of kratom, we are very grateful

  10. Evalynn

    Great stuff!!

  11. Jay Murphy

    I love etha’s kratom tablets but they don’t sell by the kilo. I need at least 20 grams a day of kratom. I’ve built a big tolerance over the years from opioid use. Hey Etha, make economy size bags so I don’t have to reorder often. In any case, you guys are makin the best kratom. Keep it up.

  12. Roseman A

    I was hesitant to switch from my kratom vendor but after trying a sample pack, I fell in love with these tablets. Thanks for coming up with these tiny little miracles!

  13. LaBonnar

    The Sunrise blend is so perfect for the morning. I’ve tried both the powders and tablets. They are both good. The tablets are very nice, but I’m okay with adding the powder to my morning shake. Sunrise wakes me up and takes away my morning aches!

  14. Gacob

    It’s GREAT!!! Best kratom!!!

  15. Larry Benson

    I have been using several pain medications for many years now. I wanted a way to reduce how much I do. I saw an ad on Facebook for Etha kratom. I decided to give them a try. It was a good decision. I am no longer using most of my pills. The Sunrise kratom tablets are enough for me.

  16. Craig g

    I’ve been looking for a vendor that can consistently deliver me quality kratom. Etha is that vendor! I’ve order three times and all have been quality. Keep it up Etha!!!

  17. B Marian

    Yes, Etha kratom tablets are more expensive than most places, but I am telling you it is absolutely, undeniably worth it! Nothing beats them. Get yours now!

  18. Cindy Faulk

    I can’t stop raving about how amazing this product is!!! The customer service was fantastic and the kratom was the best I ever had! The shipping and packaging is wonderful as well! Thank you for bringing this awesome product to tablets! Definitely a game changer for a woman like myself that’s always on the go! Highly recommended! Thanks for my sample pack as well!

  19. Kelcie K

    never heard of kratom until I got Etha’s ad. I am so happy to have seen it and given kratom a try. Helps me with my energy levels and pain.

  20. Danielle E

    I tried Etha’s kratom tablets back in January. They were the best kratom option for me. I take a high dose though, so it wasn’t in my budget to keep buying from them though. Now with these bigger bags, it is affordable for what you’re getting. I’m so relieved they have these 1kg option.

  21. Veronica

    There is no going back! I have chronic pain fibromyalgia, chiari, ddd, peripheral neuropathy and arthritis and a bunch of other things so my life is pretty much pain from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep even on strong medications nothing helps. So I tried the sample pack and didn’t expect much but WOW I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO MOVE AND HAD ENERGY FIRST TIME IN APROX 2 YEARS. For me this is heaven sent today I placed an order because I can’t see myself not taking this. PLEASE TRY THIS I’M TELLING EVERYBODY ABOUT THIS MY ONLY REGRET IS NOT FINDING THIS SOONER!

  22. celeste

    I’ve been waiting for your kratom tablets in kilo bags to be available again. I’m a heavy consumer so this is ideal. Thanks for creating these LOVELY kratom tablets!!!!!!!

  23. lesley m

    Best kratom products. Tablets are surprisingly easy.

  24. Mark

    I’ve been using Kratom for over 13 years and I’m incredibly impressed with the quality of the sunset blend. This is high quality Kratom. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  25. Patricia

    i got a sample of these in the tablets and tried them today and oh my word they are amazing! i took 8 and it took a little while and then all of the things that i have been procrastinating on, my overwhelmed brain, my aching body and all over poor attitude changed. i found myself out in the yard, then inside vacuuming (stuff that i literally haven’t been able to get myself to do, i just had no motivation. the energy is clean and my brain is more organized and i can go from project to project today without feeling anxiety because i can’t do it all at once. my body isn’t hurting as much either. frankly i’m shocked and happy as heck. these will be a morning ritual. quality is so high here. i was exposed to toxic mold and since then i have been trying to detox and feeling like i’ve been ran over by a train. not today!! thanks so much and the best to you!!

  26. Brookes

    I’ve had to fight crushing anxiety for many years. I saw Etha on Facebook and decided to give them a go. The Sunset kratom helps me sleep and chill out. I’m able to carry conversations without worry. What a life changer! If you’re hesitant to try Etha’s botanicals, I encourage you to give them a try.

  27. Brandon OK

    I own a shop selling kratom. I decided to give Etha kratom tablets a try at my store. My customers love it! I’ll be buying from there from now on. Wish I had found them sooner!

  28. Kristen

    I’ve tried taking the leaf as a toss n wash and couldn’t handle it. I switched to capsules and I felt like I was taking tons and getting minimal results. Not to mention indigestion from the caps themselves. I bought a package of SunRise tablets and they are amazing. I am taking less gram wise with the tablets and getting more results from the tablets. For me 8-10 tablets is a perfect amount. This blend gets me moving in the AM, minimizes the pain I have from degenerative disc disease, and overall gives me a sense of well being. I can’t say enough about this product. Do yourself a favor and try these tablets. Etha is truly top notch in their product, their customer service, and shipping is lightening fast. Thank you, Etha!

  29. Jill

    The service is wonderful and the product AMAZING! I tried a Kratom free sample(except $3 shipping) I have been on many different medicines from doctors, nothing has helped as much as Kratom. I feel better, more alive, and able to things I haven’t been able to in years. It’s mother nature’s gift to all of us who suffer without relief!!

  30. ethalivefully

    there are at least 250 tablets per 75 gram bag (we include a little extra per bag). As for the amount you use, it varies depending on the person and what they seek. Most of our team enjoys 2-3 grams or 6-10 tablets each time. We wish you good health. LIVE FULLY!

  31. kharris108

    With other online retailers, I never could really tell a difference between different strains. Not enough to matter anyway. This, this is different. And I love it. I take a few tablets with my morning coffee, and they last me through most of the day. I feel focused and have enough energy to get moving. If you’re wondering if the price difference between the tablets and powder are worth it, IT IS. I have tried all of the strains Etha has to offer. Sunrise, Midday and Sunset are my favorites, although all the strains they offer are good. I will never order from another place, or buy from a local shop again, the strains are that good. The tablet form is just a bonus.

  32. suzzy time

    While my favorite blend is the Midday gold, I love Sunrise too. It gets me going in the morning. I take it before work. If I forget to take it, which happens too often, I have my midday gold at the office. Calling kratom addictive is funny to me. I forget to use it more often than I want to. I love how it helps my back pain and how it gives me energy. But I’m far from addicted to it. I just really find it useful. Try it out people. You are missing out.

  33. olsenocean

    Sunrise is my go-to as I suffer from back pain and and a slight lack of motivation. Sunrise squashes both of these problems easily. And speaking of easy, the capsules are super convenient. I’ve tried many other brands in my 3 years using kratom, and Etha Natural is the best by far. Just wish I had found them sooner.

  34. olsenocean

    Sunrise is my go-to as I suffer from back pain and and a slight lack of motivation. Sunrise squashes both of these problems easily. And speaking of easy, the capsules are super convenient. I’ve tried many other brands in my 3 years using kratom, and Etha Natural is the best by far. Just wish I had found them sooner.

  35. Jon

    Good product!

  36. Maryanne

    I love this blend. I have spinal stenosis and sciatica pain and this stuff gets rid of my pain and gives me the energy to clean my house and walk the dogs. I’m 67 years young thanks to etha kratom .I’ve tried other brands but nothing compares to the quality of etha. Thanks for making this available to everyone!

  37. suzzy

    While my favorite blend is the Midday gold, I love Sunrise too. It gets me going in the morning. I take it before work. If I forget to take it, which happens too often, I have my midday gold at the office. Calling kratom addictive is funny to me. I forget to use it more often than I want to. I love how it helps my back pain and how it gives me energy. But I’m far from addicted to it. I just really find it useful. Try it out people. You are missing out.

  38. Eve Clancy

    The only reason I’m writing this review is because multiple contacts with your support staff via email have been useless. I can’t even get anyone to call me, despite asking Angela repeatedly (she claimed a few days ago that someone left me a voice mail, which was untrue…I didn’t even receive a call), and she verified my phone number (301-686-4148). I’ve been trying for several days to place an order but it gets hung up in cart processing, with a red rotating circle over the cart icon at top right of the page and a blank page if I select it. It doesn’t matter if I clear my cache, cookies, etc., or try different search engines. At one point today it seemed to stop processing and allowed me to proceed to checkout, only to get hung up again after I entered my billing/shipping data. The only reason I’ve been this persistent is because all signs point to you being a reputable company, except when I actually try to get a little help placing an order!

    • victor

      We apologize for the website challenges. We are launching a new website which is causing some people issues. We will ask the Service team to call you so we can take your order over the phone. We should have the new website up next week. Once it is in place, you should not have further issues placing orders. Thank you for your patience.

    • Derek

      I had the same exact experience on my phone trying to order. I had to go to my computer ? to order. This may help! Etha does have really good quality kratom, this is the best part of this company.

  39. Timothy Drake

    Simply the best kratom out there. I’ve used plenty of kratom from countless vendors. I’ve been using kratom for over 8 years. There are other good companies out there, but non hold a candle to ETHA. I’ve been using their kratom for two years and the consistency and quality is there. The tablets are a nice form factor. I take them with me when I travel. I do freelance photography around the world. The tablets have no equal. Don’t waste your time trying to find another company. ETHA is the best.

  40. Janet Lee

    My mornings have been so much better with these Sunrise kratom tablets. They are very easy to take. I’m pain-free until the afternoon. I just started drinking their kratom tea bags. I’ve totally stopped drinking coffee in the morning and energy drink in the afternoon because of ETha’s tea. I like to add the green tea bags to my favorite matcha tea to give it all a boost in energy. I still take Etha kratom tablets for my back pain but the tea bags are nice for energy and alertness.

  41. Betsy Woolbright-Birch

    I have tried several of the strains and blends Etha offers. Sunrise was the first one, and it continues to be my favorite. It quiets any incidental pain I may have, but best of all, it pulled me out of severe depression. Sunrise’s energizing effects help me feel good all day.

  42. Betsy Woolbright-Birch

    I have tried several strains and blends Etha offers. Sunrise was the first and continues to be my favorite. It quiets any incidental pain I may have, but best of all, it pulled me out of severe depression. Sunrise’s energizing effects help me feel good all day long.

    • Victor Chung

      Thanks Betsy for the review and for sharing your personal experience with ETHA SunRise. It is my favorite as well. I literally just took some minutes ago before logging in. Helps me manage my back and hip pain and gets me motivated to be a better person. Thanks again for your story. LIVE FULLY!

  43. admiralmoore

    Hi, I am new here. I actually tried out the samples you guys so nicely sent me.
    Before work I took two packs of 8 sunrise.
    And right before I took the pills I ate the powder from a green strain that I have been using. It had been very mild.
    Some reason about 10 grams of powder along with the two packs literally sent my mood into the next stratosphere. Seriously I was ver clear and focused on what IJ was doing. I also felt some euphoria. Like the first time I ever took Kratom I felt euphoric.
    And not once since then until now had I felt it again.
    I’m going to buy more. I think I will do some experimenting to find out what the combo was that made this time so awesome.
    Look at me I’m still Rambling on…so sorry thank
    You again!

    • Victor Chung

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. Yes, many people who switch over to ETHA have a better experience. Unlike all other kratom vendors, we measure the alkaloids in kratom and blend different harvests to make our premium kratom products. So for example, you’ll ALWAYS get energy and relief every time you use our SunRise kratom. Hopefully, you’ll also be able to use much less kratom when you exclusively use ETHA kratom. That’s also a common experience. Please continue to share your story. We appreciate it. Live Fully!

  44. Megan

    This is a wonderful strain and I use it all day every day to keep up with my teenagers and their busy schedules including soccer games, rehearsals, etc! Would recommend!

    • The ETHA Team

      Teenagers can be a handful especially when there’s more than one. We are happy to be able to help with ETHA SunRise kratom. Thanks for the recommendation. LIVE FULLY!

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