ETHA Full Spectrum Live Kratom Plant

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  • Live Plants shipped out by ETHA ONLY Monday - Thursday
  • Live Plants are ONLY available in the 48 contiguous states (NOT Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and Internationally)
  • MUST Receive Order No Later than 12 pm PST for SAME DAY Shipping
  • Orders Received 12:01 pm PST and After will be shipped the Following Business Day (Monday - Thursday)
  • Orders are Delivered One (1) Day after they are Shipped
  • Orders Placed Friday, Saturday, Sunday will not be Shipped until Monday
  • If Monday is a National Holiday orders will Ship Tuesday after the Monday Holiday 

Did you know ETHA grows its own kratom plants? Now you can own an ETHA kratom plant too.

live kratom plants

We have selected the hardiest variety of kratom to share with you. These kratom plants are the easiest to grow with sturdy leaves and strong roots. These plants are our Full Spectrum variety with all the known, measurable alkaloids. Kratom plants express alkaloids even at a young age, so you can start enjoying the leaves right away.

Traditionally, kratom leaves are picked and brewed into an herbal tea with hot water and some citrus. Enjoy a cup of kratom herbal tea from your very own kratom plant.

kratom tea

Every plant you buy comes with ETHA's guarantee. If you follow our care instruction below and your kratom plant does not survive, reach out to us for a replacement. ETHA Guarantee Details

etha live kratom plant


ETHA Live Kratom Plants come directly from our greenhouses. They are ready to ship right now. Get your plants immediately and get the full plant too. No waiting 3-4 weeks or receiving only clippings  like with other suppliers.

  • Variety: ETHA Full Spectrum Kratom Plant
  • Size: Approximately 8-10 inches tall
  • Comes with roots in soil ready to be potted. Make sure to place your kratom plant in a pot and water it as soon as possible to optimize your plant's health. Follow the care details below.
  • Shipping - Kratom plants ship separately from all other ETHA products. If you order plants with other products, you will receive two (2) separate packages.
  Prior to Receiving Your Plant
  • Have at least ½ gallon pot, preferably a 1 gallon pot.
  • Have enough soil to fill the pot to the top (any potting soil will do).
  After You Receive Your Plant
  • Carefully take the plant out of the shipping box.
  • Fill pot intended for the plant up to ½ inch from the top.
  • Make a hole the size of the plant soil ball.  Do NOT break up the roots.
  • Place the plant into the hole in the soil in your pot.
  • Gently press the plant into the soil. The soil should only go about ¼ inch above the plant soil ball.
  • Pat the soil in the pot around the Kratom plant.
  • Water the plant (do NOT soak the soil).
  • You will want to water the plant at least once a day or as needed.  DO NOT let the soil dry out too much but also DO NOT overwater the plant and soak the soil.
  Continual Maintenance
  • Water and fertilize.
  • Re-plant as kratom plant gets older.
  • The older the plant the bigger the pot it will require. Keep in mind that a kratom plant can grow to be a kratom tree 50-80 ft tall.
Note: If you intend to grow your Kratom plant in the ground, we recommend you place it in a 1 gallon pot for about 2-4 months. This will allow it to grow a bigger root structure. From there, you can transplant it into the ground.   

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