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Kratom Legality and Kratom Consumer Protection Act

As this shift from synthetics to biologics and natural products gains momentum, it is critical to meet with our legislators. In order to reduce risks and provide maximum societal benefits as kratom gains in awareness and popularity.

When disruptive industries or technologies work hand-in-hand with government representatives, they can enter the marketplace with assurances and stability and avoid hysteria, confusion, and backlash.

ETHA Natural Botanicals is proud to be a part of this group of Kratom Industry Business Leaders committed to self-regulation and adherence to manufacturing standards and best practices.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

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This monumental effort will require kratom supporters and business owners to unite and provide any and all available resources. Please sign up to stay informed.

Thank you to the AKA, Senator Curt Bramble, and House Representative Vernon Jones for helping us to organize and for your support and insights as we embark on this exciting journey.

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Want to see an example of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

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Additional Updates - World Health Organization on Kratom

Green: Kratom is legal and no restrictions
 Light Green: Legislation in these states have failed or has been amended
 Orange: There is pending legislation on Kratom in these states
 Red: banned states schedule 1 for Kratom
 Purple: Study involving Kratom
 Red Dot: banned city for Kratom
 Blue: These states have adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act bill

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